Grads on Track: The Last Mile Motivator
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In Sync: Academic Life Balance
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The end of the year is almost here. Visions of summer time fun - hanging out with friends and family - keep creeping into your thoughts. Being able to have more time in your schedule for your personal life is almost a reality! Please join Coach Susan for this webinar to keep you motivated for the last two weeks of grad school! This is the last mile, and the most important mile. The hard work and sacrifices you have made all semester will be 'graded' in this last two weeks. In this webinar, Coach Susan will look at motivation from different angles and share tips to help attendees boost their motivation and energy. You can attend by phone or webcast. Even if this time does not work in your schedule to be live, all you have to do is register and you will receive a recording of the call in your email within 24 hours. To attend, visit: Phone Number: (410) 454-9994 Pin Code: 903559#
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