Grads On Track: How to Stay Focused and Motivated Webinar
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In Sync: Academic Life Balance
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Texting, Facebook and Skype, oh no! Roommates, family and dating! One of the fundamental principles of productivity is being able to focus. And that necessary focus requires that you eliminate as many distractions as possible! We need to have room in our lives for distractions, which is what makes life fun and colorful! But when it is time to complete a paper or studying, there is no reason to be multitasking a million other things. In fact, multi-tasking continues to be proven that it makes people less productive! Coach Susan will lead this webinar on the easiest way to stay motivated, why it is important to focus on one task at a time and how better time management will reduce your stress and anxiety! You can attend by phone or webcast. Don't miss out! Even if this time does not work in your schedule to be live, all you have to do is register and you will receive a recording of the call in your email within 24 hours. To attend, visit:
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