Grads On Track: Relationships: 360 Degrees Webinar
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In Sync: Academic Life Balance
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The key to a happy life comes down to the quality of our relationships. It is our connections that help us to create our individual academic, professional and personal success. The most important connection is the relationship you have with you! In this webinar, Coach Susan will cover: Dealing with different personality types and how to minimize the effects, the importance of building a support system (friends, family, study groups, significant others, etc), my favorite tool to avoid 'drama' in relationships and communication techniques (so you can be heard and can create a 'give and take' in relationships). You can attend by phone or webcast. Don't miss out! Even if this time does not work in your schedule to be live, all you have to do is register and you will receive a recording of the call in your email within 24 hours. To attend, visit:
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