Grads On Track: Stress Management & Wellness Webinar
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In Sync: Academic Life Balance
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Set yourself up this semester for a low-stress, academically productive and fun semester with Grads On Track coaching group. This program will be your toolkit to keep you on track and help you thrive this semester, not just survive! This program was developed to help UM graduate students stay focused and feel their best this year. Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, Susan Stern, CCPC will lead this session on Stress Management to enhance better academic-life balance this semester! With the hectic pace of academic rigors in graduate school, it is easy to understand how burnout happens! Minimize the feelings of overwhelm, spinning or being stuck this semester with this online Stress Management webinar. Susan will introduce you to the most effective and simple tool you can use all semester to re-balance your life! They key to avoiding burnout is to create a healthy balance as the semester kicks in and being honest about the potential pitfalls that can throw you off course! You can attend by phone or webcast. Don't miss out! Even if this time does not work in your schedule to be live, all you have to do is register and you will receive a recording of the call in your email within 24 hours. To attend, visit: For a copy of the recording, please register via the Wellness Hub website.
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