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UMGCC Translational Core Services

Contact & Instructions

Rena Lapidus PhD., Director
Mariola Sadowska PhD., Associate Director
Phone: 410-328-8091

  • Please forward a copy of your BIORESCO order to Mariola Sadowska (
  • All data will be provided in both raw and processed forms (graphs).
  • *Primary antibodies must be supplied or will be charged at extra cost (vendor price), secondary antibodies are included in the pricing.
  • **Gene-specific primers must be supplied or will be charged at extra cost (Biopolymer Core price). PBMC, peripheral blood mononuclear cells; MC, mononuclear cells.
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Catalog Number Description Size List Price
TCL-AS1 Establishment Of Tumor From Cell Line  more...  PERMOUSE $200.00
TCL-AS2 Determination Of Mtd  more...  PERMOUSE $125.00
TCL-AS3 Drug In Vivo Efficacy Testing Please Contact (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-AS4 Collection Of Tissues, Organs, Blood  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-AS5 Custom Services (mechanistical Studies, Facs) Please Contact (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-AS6 Establishment Of Cell Line From The Tumor (initial Cost)  more...  EACH $200.00
TCL-AS7 Consulting  more...  PERHOUR $60.00
TCL-CB1 Cell Transfection (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-DS1 Mtt/srb Proliferation Assay  more...  EACH/96WPLATE $140.00
TCL-DS2 Mtt Based Drug Combination Assay  more...  EACH/96WPLATE $220.00
TCL-DS3 Clonogenic Assay (htca)  more...  EACH/24WPLATE $200.00
TCL-DS5 Use Of Colony Counter  more...  PERPLATE $12.00
TCL-DS6 Mycoplasma Testing  more...  PERSAMPLE $50.00
TCL-DS7 Xcelligence - Proliferation Assay  more...  PERPLATE $150.00
TCL-DS8 Xcelligence - Migration Assay  more...  PERPLATE $200.00
TCL-DS9 Xcelligence - Invasion Assay  more...  PERPLATE $250.00
TCL-DS10 Xcelligence Adhesion Assay  more...  PERPLATE $150.00
TCL-MB1 Dna Cloning (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-PD1 Pbmc Isolation From Blood  more...  PERSAMPLE $150.00
TCL-PD2 Mc Isolation From Bone Marrow  more...  PERSAMPLE $125.00
TCL-PD3 Tumor Cell Isolation By Macs Please Contact (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-PD4 Tumor Biopsy Collection Please Contact (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-PD5 Preparation Of Cytospins  more...  PERSLIDE $10.00
TCL-PD6 *immunofluorescence Staining (3 Colors)  more...  PERSAMPLE $450.00
TCL-PD7 *western Blotting (8 Samples)  more...  PERRUN $450.00
TCL-PD8 **real Time Pcr  more...  PERSAMPLE $25.00
TCL-PD9 Custom Services (mechanistical Studies, Facs) Please Contact (price By Quote)  more...  EACH $0.00
TCL-PD10 Use Of Leica Fluorescence Microscope  more...  1HOUR $17.00
TCL-PD11 Use Of The 96-well Plate Reader (per Plate)  more...  PERPLATE $12.00
TCL-PD12 Use Of The 96-well Plate Reader (kinetic Study) (per Plate)  more...  PERPLATE $50.00
TCL-PD13 Unlimited Use Of Invitrogen Countess Automatic Cell Counter For 1 Year From Date Of Order  more...  PERREADING $100.00
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