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Dental School EM Core Facility


Dr. Ru-ching Hsia, Director
Dental School. Rm 9405, 9213

  • The EM Core Facility is sponsored by UMB Medical School (SOM) and Dental School (SOD). The pricing listed here is for UMB Dental school and Medical School users.
  • A 25% surcharge will apply to non-SOM and non-SOD users.
  • A 100% surcharge will apply to users from for-profit-organizations.
  • Scope hour will be charged at 30 min increment, minimum charge 30 min
  • Accessory equipment includes, sputter coater, critical point dryer, ultramicrotome, etc. Please enquire EMCF staff
  • Basic scope training is required for all scope users, includes 2 hr training and 2 hr supervised practice time
  • Advanced scope training requires prior basic scope training and 20 hr accumulated scope usage
  • Other EM technique training includes negative stain, embedding, immunogold labeling,etc. enquire EMCF staff
  • SOM/SOD users who have accumulated $5000 of EM Facility charges within one year (e.g. first 12 months after the start of the project) will enter into a collaborative phase: for the remainder of the year, technical assistance charges will be waived and users will be allowed to use the scopes free of charge during off-peak hours.
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Catalog Number Description Size List Price
EMF-001 Tem Negative Stain (set Up Charges, Testing A Panel Of Stains)  more...  EA $40.00
EMF-001a Negative Stain, Per Specimen  more...  EA $10.00
EMF-002 Tem Epoxy Embedding,1st Sample (include 20m Fix)  more...  EA $100.00
EMF-002a Each Additional Up To 6 Samples  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-003 Tem Unicryl Low-temp Embedding,1st Sample (include 20m Fix)  more...  EA $150.00
EMF-003a Tem Unicryl Low-temp Embedding, Each Additional Up To 12  more...  EA $25.00
EMF-004 Post-embedding Immunogold Labelling (user Provide Primary Ab), Up To 6 Grids  more...  EA $200.00
EMF-004p Post-embedding Immunogold Labelling, Up To 12 Grids  more...  EA $350.00
EMF-005 Pre-embedding Labelling Perrun, Up To 6 Specimen  more...  EA $200.00
EMF-005p Pre-embedding Immunogold Labelling Per Run, Up To 12 Specimen  more...  EA $350.00
EMF-006 Tem Ultrathin Sectioning Including Pre-trimming, 80 To 100 Nm, Up To 4 Grids  more...  EA $70.00
EMF-006a Additional Ultrathin Sections, Up To 6 Grids  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-006b Additional Ultrathin Sections, Up To 12 Grids  more...  EA $30.00
EMF-007 Tem Semi-thin And Thick Sectioning, 1- 50 Micron, Up To 4 Slides  more...  EA $45.00
EMF-008 Sem Fixation & Dehydration, 1st Sample (include 20m Fix)  more...  EA $100.00
EMF-008p Sem Fixation & Dehydration, Additional Sample, Up To 6 Sample  more...  EA $12.00
EMF-009 Sem Sputter Coating & Mounting ( Up To 6 Samples)  more...  EA $45.00
EMF-009p Sem Sputter Coating & Mounting (up To 12 Samples)  more...  EA $80.00
EMF-010 Critical Point Drying & Mounting, One Run  more...  EA $45.00
EMF-011 Sem Specimen Mounting Only, Up To 6 Samples  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-1 $1 Contracted Em Research Services  more...  EA $1.00
EMF-10 $10 Contracted Em Research Services  more...  EA $10.00
EMF-100 $100 Contracted Em Reserch Services  more...  EA $100.00
EMF-1000 $1000 Contracted Em Research Services  more...  EA $1000.00
EMF-101 Microscope Usage (tem/sem), Self Use, Per 1/2 Hour  more...  EA $25.00
EMF-102 Microscope Usage (tem/sem), Assisted, Per 1/2 Hour  more...  EA $50.00
EMF-103 Microscope Usage (tem/sem), Off Peak, Self Use, Per Hour  more...  EA $30.00
EMF-104 Other Accessory Equipment Usage (trained Users Only)c, Per Run  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-105 Basic Em Operation Training  more...  EA $400.00
EMF-106 Advanced Em Operation Training  more...  EA $250.00
EMF-107 Other Em Technique Training  more...  EA $250.00
EMF-108 Technical Assistance, Per 1/2 Hour  more...  EA $25.00
EMF-109 Support Pc Image Analsysis Per Hour  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-110 Em Reagents & Materials  more...  EA $10.00
EMF-111 Surcharge Increment  more...  EA $1.00
EMF-112 Em Fixative, 50ml  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-113 Gold Enhancement, Per Rx  more...  EA $10.00
EMF-114 Conjugated Antisera, 10 Microliter  more...  EA $10.00
EMF-115 Ua And Lead Contrasting For Epoxy Sections, Up To 12 Grids  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-116 Osmium Vapor Contrasting For Unicryl Sections, Up To 12 Grids  more...  EA $20.00
EMF-200 New User Account Set Up  more...  EA $50.00
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