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Dental School EM Facility


Dr. Ru-ching Hsia, Director
Dental School. Rm 9405, 9213

  • Dental School Confocal Facility (DSCF) is managed by Core Imaging Facility in the Dental School.
  • Confocal related research projects including immunolableing, confocal image acquisition and analysis can be contracted and performed by CoreImaging Facility staff on a fee for service basis.
  • All procedures will be charged on an hourly basis. Please contact Dr. Ru-ching Hsia for details.
  • A 25% surcharge will apply to users from for-profit-organizations.
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Catalog Number Description Size List Price
DCF-10 10 Contracted Confocal Research Services  more...   $10.00
DCF-100 100 Contracted Confocal Research Services  more...   $100.00
DCF-1000 1000 Contracted Confocal Research Services  more...   $1000.00
DCF-Meta Zeiss Meta 510 Usage, Per 1/2 Hour  more...   $20.00
DCF-Misc Confocal Related, Miscellaneous  more...   $5.00
DCF-Rad Biorad Radiance Usage, Per Hour  more...   $15.00
DCF-Reg User Registration  more...   $50.00
DCF-Tech Confocal Technical Assistance, Per 30 Min  more...   $25.00
DCF-Train Confocal Usage Training  more...   $400.00
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