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Contact Us:
410.706.0322 (ph)
MSTF Rm.166 (Atrium)
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions


  • About BIORESCO
  • What are the advantages of Purchasing through BIORESCO?
  • What prices can I expect to pay for regular order and bulk orders?
  • What do I pay for orders from Fisher Scientific & VWR or other Non-catalog products?
  • Can I buy directly from the company?
  • Account Stuff

  • How do I open a new account?
  • I forgot my USERNAME & PASSWORD
  • How do I add myself as a USER of an account?
  • I want to remove a USER from an account after they have left the lab
  • I am not able to complete my order because the account has expired
  • Ordering Instructions

  • Can I buy products not listed in your online catalog?
  • What are NON-CONTRACT Products?
  • I want to place an order after 2pm and receive it the next morning
  • I have an experiment that I am running and definitely need to have my products delivered the next day
  • What are your delivery schedules?
  • I placed an order and want to come and pick it up myself
  • In my Order Status, what does OPEN / IN TRANSIT / WAITING TO BE PICKED UP / BACKORDERED mean?
  • How can I use a Special Quote or Promotion Code that I received from a vendor or sales representative?
  • I would like to purchase DRY ICE
  • What are PROVISIONAL Vendors?
  • Returns & Problems

  • I am having a technical problem with a product that I bought through BIORESCO
  • What is your Return Policy?
  • Vendors

  • How can I get my company into BIORESCO?
  • I am a vendor and would like to schedule a seminar.
  • What is 'Vendor of the Week'?
  • I would like to be the 'Vendor of the Week'.
  • I would like to request sales reports for my products.
  • What kinds of promotions can I run thru' BIORESCO?
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