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School Clinic
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Aging Adult
Families/Children Low Income
Homeless Behavioral Health
Health Organizational Development
Maternal and Child Health Employee Assistance
Hospice and Bereavement Community Organization
Program Development Advocacy
Social Policy Legislation
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(Please try to include the following
in your description as this will make it
easier for your interns to become
licensed in the future: "Clinical Social
Work Services", "Perform assessments",
"Diagnosing" and "Providing counseling
or psychotherapy").

What Type of Social Work Activities
Should a Student Expect to
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Individual Therapy Family Therapy
Group Therapy Discharge Planning
Case Management Community Outreach
Client Education Advocacy
Legslative Activity Community Organization
Program Management
Tasks/Special Projects for this This Year
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Yes No Criminal Background Check
Yes No Federal Security Clearance
Yes No Child Protective Services Clearance
Yes No Physical Exam
Yes No Motor Vehicle Administration(MVA) Clearance
Yes No CPR/First Aid Certification
Yes No Drug Screening Required
Yes No TB Test Required
Yes No Drivers License Required
Yes No Personal Car Required
Yes No Reimbursement for work related expenses
Yes No Agency Car Provided
Yes No Free Onsite Parking
Yes No
Other Description:
Do You Address the Issue of Personal
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Please Identify Your Preference(s)
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*Required Select 'No' for all field days if you are not accepting any Foundation or Advanced students. »
Foundation (First Year) Student(s)YesNo
Other, Please Specify or note No Preference
Advanced (Second Year) Student(s)YesNo
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Other, Please Specify
Do You Accept Extended Students
(advanced students who are in the field 2 days a week from September
through July)
Can You Offer Supervised Field
Instruction on the Weekends
or in the Evenings »
If Yes to Above, Please Describe
How Many Social Workers are
There Within the Agency Who Are Eligible
and Available to be Field Instructors »
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Advanced (2nd Year) »
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Other Social Work Programs
(Graduate and Undergraduate)»
Other Non Social Work Programs »
Please Describe Anything Else you Would Like Student to Know About a Field Placement at Your Agency. Please include:
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  • Prefences
  • Desired Skills and /or
  • Opportunities
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