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Oligo Synthesis

Please pick a vendor and then click on one of the links to place an order for either a Single oligo or Multiple oligos.

Improved Ordering Process—Coming Soon

  We are going to be implementing a new and improved method to order Custom Products from Sigma and IDT

  Some of the advantages with this new PUNCHOUT process include:
  • You are logged in automatically to the vendor website
  • Design and validate your custom designs in real-time
  • Get accurate pricing immediately & make design changes, if necessary
  • Access to other custom offerings from IDT & Sigma
  You can preview detailed instructions (for both Sigma and IDT) now and we will be available for questions. For now, use the links below as you have in the past.

You have to be logged in to access the links to Sigma and IDT.
  • Sigma - Aldrich
    Product No. of Bases BIORESCO Price
    0.025 Ámol 10 - 50 bases $0.13/base
    0.050 Ámol 2 - 110 bases $0.19/base
    0.200 Ámol 2 - 110 bases $0.47/base
    1.000 Ámol 2 - 120 bases $0.84/base
    Shipping Free

    More Pricing details

  • IDT Technologies
    Product No. of Bases BIORESCO Price
    0.025 Ámol 15-60 bases $0.15/base
    0.100 Ámol 10-90 bases $0.33/base
    0.250 Ámol 5-100 bases $0.64/base
    1.000 Ámol 5-100 bases $1.05/base
    Shipping Free

    More Pricing details

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