ISLSI Service-Learning Form instructions

This form is to be completed by organizations that are interested in recruiting University of Maryland students to participate in service/volunteer, service-learning, interprofessional service/volunteer or interprofessional service-learning opportunities. Your submitted form will be reviewed and approved or denied within five (5) business days. You will receive notification when this process is complete.

Organizations are responsible for updating their postings, which will expire after six (6) months.

It may be helpful to refer to the following definitions while completing this form:

  • Service/Volunteer - an activity intended to promote good or improve human quality of life
  • Service-Learning - provides an opportunity for community engagement while integrating service projects with classroom learning. These activities meet the expressed need of the community, focus on the community as a teacher and require reflection after the experience
  • Interprofessional Service/Volunteer - a service/volunteer activity that allows individuals from various disciplines to interact with one another
  • Interprofessional Service-Learning - a service-learning activity that allows individuals from various disciplines to interact and learn from one another

Should you have questions, please contact 410-706-7438.

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